What news reports on science actually mean…

Its surprising how many times major diseases have been cured by scientists, according to major news outlets that is. As a result, there is often a certain degree of disappointment when the truth finally comes out that they have actually only cured Alzheimer’s disease in flies. However, have no fear. To help un-muddy the water, here’s a quick insiders journalist-scientists translation guide.

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How homeopathy works

Lets nip this in the bud. It doesn’t. I believe its been best explained by Tim Minchin:

“Alternative Medicine has either not been proved to work, or been proved not to work. You know what they call alternative medicine that’s been proved to work? Medicine.”

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Developed counties not using SI units

So I understand changing up your system of measurement could be a bit of a chore. And I completely understand clinging on to a temperature scale based on fish brine smoothies for nostalgia. I get it, its quirky. Like totally makes sense. But even the kings of holding onto archaic traditions, the UK, have manage to wriggle free of its irrational grip and have put in a decent effort. Yes, we’re all looking at you USA…

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Why do you fall asleep after Christmas dinner?

So it’s Christmas, meaning it’s time to trash your liver, grab fistfuls of butter in your chubby little hands before shovelling it in the general direction of your face. This of course climaxes in the alcohol-fogged turkey slugfest, over who has the rights to the last of the gravy and important life decisions such as whether it’s considered good form to stab someone in the face with a cheese knife for telling repetitive stories. After this, and only then, can people disperse (barring serious injuries in the previous melee) to their separate corners of the house and lick their wounds before getting down into a foetal position and sleeping like a baby.

The Bird - 2007
Don’t worry, its a stunt turkey…

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