Neuroscientist and semi-competent transferrer of clear liquids from one tube to another.

Currently toying with the idea of a life away from the bench and spending my days in a room with natural light. Turns out, vitamin D is important.

I fill this blog with all the unanswered questions that have left me irritated, frustrated or baffled, or all of the above. Often some daily mundane things that I’d never questioned why, sometimes things there really is no need to question why, and sometimes just because its there and it deserved to have fun poked at it.

What began as a creative outlet is quickly becoming far more rewarding than the daily grind. Therefore, I now do some science on the side.

Piqued your interest? Feel free to dive in! If you have any niggling questions that have been bothering you, let me know! We’ll see if we can show it what for.


Follow me on twitter: @some_science

LinkedIn profile: Ben Shackleton


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